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    A variety of workouts to change your body, boost your energy, and bring a smile to your face.

  • AK! Rope
    5 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $34.99

    AK! Rope

    5 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $34.99

    AK! Rope is a completely original and full body workout! This interval based class uses just one prop - the AK! Jump Rope. It’s not just jumping! This AK! Rope bundle you can rent or purchase and will give you access to 5 videos starting with a beginner and introduction class to toning and a full...

  • AK! Dance
    5 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $34.99

    AK! Dance

    5 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $34.99

    5 AK! Dance videos to do today and everyday! Burn some serious calories at this high energy dance party! It promises to have your heart pounding, muscles burning, and a huge grin on your face as you have more fun than you ever thought you could have working out! This bundle include a basic dance ...

  • AK! Body
    5 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $34.99

    AK! Body

    5 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $34.99

    5 AK! Body classes that will fill your week with the perfect toning.
    AK! Body is as a mega mix of easy to follow dance cardio mixed with toning moves on the mat! In the AK! Body you focus on longer sequences that force you to connect your mind to what your body is doing!

  • AK! Baby Bump Series

    4 videos  |   Rent $14.99   |   Buy $34.99

    4 Workout with Amanda during each Trimester! Amanda will guide you safely through your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester. Amanda will show you workouts that are suitable during your pregnancy.

  • Live Your Life | Full Body Workout

    1 video  |   Buy $9.99

    Join Amanda Kloots and guest Anna Kloots as Amanda leads you through a full body work. The music in this workout are all songs from the book that inspired the story for the 95 days that Nick Cordero was in the hospital. Hopefully this music inspires you to MOVE your body everyday!

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